Cooking Book



When I was younger, I liked to bake, cakes, little desserts, things like that. Now I also like to cook, not only to have something to eat, but also to have a hobby away from the screen.

Until now, I have always collected recipes in paper form. Then in 2019, I set up a software with which I can collect recipes digitally, but I was never satisfied with it. In the meantime, it no longer works properly either.

Then, with the example of the “typical cookbooks” in mind, I decided to write one myself. As a constantly growing collection of my recipes. The whole thing in LaTeX, so I have a good workflow and can also manage the whole thing well in Git.

The result is a PDF in A4 format. Ideal for reading on the screen, but also for printing, once there are enough you could have them printed and bound.

This project was born - because why not?

Hint: The book is written in German.


coming soon