Game: get out!

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You’re a student who can’t afford the new hardware in the face of rising costs, so you go into the computer store at night and pick up some video cards. You need four graphics cards, each of which you pick up and carry to your car; after the fourth, you’re done; but you can only carry one card at a time; you can always see at the top right if you’re carrying one and how many you’ve already packed into the car.

But watch out! You only have 5 minutes and the store is guarded by security, don’t get caught!

Background / Idea

As an exam performance for the subject “Media Game Design 3”, MGD3 for short, we were supposed to develop a game in groups. Our team consisted of five people, two who did the mapping, two who were responsible for the programming and one who did more graphics and marketing.

After a lot of back and forth we had the map but no concept, then it was agreed on the stealth genre.

At the time of this decision, everyone was talking about the shortage of graphics cards. Team members also complained about the poor availability. That’s how the plot for our game came about: A student who can’t afford the new graphics cards breaks into the computer store at night and steals the graphics cards.


We have produced a small gameplay trailer for, which you can watch here:


For data protection reasons the video is not embedded, only linked – sorry.


As mentioned at the beginning, the game was developed in Unity. Although the map is not very large, it is sufficient for a game that lasts about 5 minutes. One of the requirements was that the games should be tested within a presentation. So the game should not take hours.

We also added a little random algorithm to the guards in the map so that they don’t always have the same routine, which makes the game a little more interesting.


I would be very happy if people try the game and like to comment at, especially if they like it or if there are suggestions for improvement.

Maybe we will develop the game again if we find time.